Why is the Mauritian real estate market relevant?

Mauritius offers a unique model for real estate investment to both residents and expatriates. In concrete terms, the national tax system has been designed to be particularly favorable, so it is a unique framework in the Indian Ocean. Among the good reasons to call the Mauritian real estate market relevant are the absence of capital gains tax, estate tax and wealth tax. These measures are complemented by a single tax rate of 15%, applicable to the entire territory.

A real estate market favorable to the purchase!

While real estate prices are skyrocketing in the rest of the world, in Mauritius, this sector has shown one of the strongest growth in recent years. As a result, buyers are guaranteed to make a real capital gain in the event of resale, and at the same time can take advantage of a wide range of choices as well as a facilitated acquisition procedure.

Good to know

The island has concluded several agreements with France, allowing investors from this market to benefit from a single taxation on goods purchased in Mauritius.

Make a secure investment with real estate in Mauritius

If you’re unsure about whether to invest in the stock market or real estate, the former relies on the economic health of a country, while real estate continues to grow, even during economic downturns.

Stock market investments are very volatile, probably even more so after the Covid-19 crisis. Regarding real estate, is it worth remembering that it has always acted as a safe haven sector? Moreover, it did not lose its status during the pandemic. Real estate has always been and remains an excellent safe haven.

How to buy a property in Mauritius ?

Here are the main steps to buy a property in Mauritius:

Find the right property for you

Ask for the assistance and support of a real estate agent who really knows the specifics of the Mauritian market. Thanks to him, you will find a property to the standards, located in an appropriate zone as well as the purchase as the resale.

Analyze the documents related to the property

For a safe investment, all documents must be in order, since they must be handed over to the notary by the seller in due time.

Hire a notary

The notary’s job is to verify the quality of the title, the tax status, the invoices, the identity of the owner, etc. He will also verify the veracity of information such as location, size, costs, condominium regulations, etc. In some cases, he can also order the intervention of a land surveyor. He is also responsible for preparing the deed of ownership.

The purchase stage

The notary drafts and delivers the deed of sale, which must be signed by both parties, as well as a copy of the document to the Registrar General, who is responsible for making a transcription.

The next step is the registration of the property, formalizing the change of ownership. The Registrar will issue a transcription number to the notary, who can then produce an authentic copy of the title deed and give it to the new owner.

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