Where to buy in Mauritius when you like water sports?

Mauritius is famous for its water sports spots. If you want to combine business with pleasure ...

Investing in real estate in Mauritius: a 5% ROI!

At the moment, one may wonder if it is worthwhile to invest in Mauritius, especially in Mauritian real estate.
Où acheter à l’île Maurice quand on aime la randonnée ?

Where to buy in Mauritius when you like hiking?

If you have decided to buy a property in Mauritius provided you can indulge your passion for hiking, here are our leads.
Comment choisir le bien immobilier qui vous correspond ?

How to choose the right property for you?

Given the dynamism of the Mauritian real estate market, it can…
Pourquoi est-ce le bon moment pour acheter un bien immobilier à l’île Maurice ?

Why is it the right time to buy a property in Mauritius?

Called Home Ownership Refund Scheme, the program implemented…
R+2 : plus de flexibilité pour les investisseurs immobiliers étrangers à l’île Maurice !

G+2: more flexibility for foreign real estate investors in Mauritius!

The Economic Development Board of Mauritius reminds that "As…

Mauritian government refunds 5% on real estate acquisitions

Home Ownership Scheme is a scheme that has been in the news…

The essential role of the notary during the purchase of a property in Mauritius

The notary is a legal professional, considered as a ministerial…

Good reasons to buy a home with a pool

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Information to know for a real estate purchase in Mauritius

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