Statistics Mauritius: the latest household census figures in Mauritius

Real estate is gradually changing its face in Mauritius. Here, we are talking about national real estate, which does not include programs specifically for foreign investors. Here are the figures published by Statistics Mauritius following the large census conducted during the year 2022.

Things to remember

To date, Mauritius has a total of 329,000 buildings, 411,700 dwellings and 369,000 private residences in the Republic of Mauritius.

Of these 329,000 buildings, 280,300 fall into the all-residential category.

The number of housing units has increased in Mauritius. With a jump of 14.7%, this represents 411,700 dwellings in 2022.

Mauritius is also affected by the phenomenon of unoccupied housing. With 57,500 units not finding takers, this represents a 14% increase.

As in 2011, the majority of housing in 2022 was used as a primary residence. There was an increase of 22,200 from 325,800 in 2011 to 348,000 in 2022, although in terms of share, it decreased from 90.8% to 84.5% during the same period. The number of vacant units more than doubled from 28,000 to 57,500, and their share increased from 7.8 percent to 14.0 percent between 2011 and 2022.

We find more and more multi-storey buildings in Mauritius. In fact, their number has increased to 160,500 by 2022.

The number of multi-storey buildings increased even more rapidly, reaching 13,600 units, an increase of 61.9%.

Good news for people planning to come to Mauritius: housing and living conditions have improved. Today, 90.4% of Mauritian families own their home, compared to 88.8% in the previous census!

Households are also equipped. 44.3% of them have a water pump and 67.9% have a water tank. Finally, 29.9% of households have an air conditioner.

The monthly rent has been increased to 8,200 Mauritian rupees in 2022. This represents approximately 180 euros.

Household gas remains the most common type of fuel used for cooking. 99.2% or the vast majority of Mauritian households use LPG as their main fuel type. On the other hand, the use of wood and charcoal has decreased to 0.2% of followers.

Between 2011 and 2022, internet access more than doubled from 31.7% to 75.0%. The Internet is used for educational and homework purposes as well as for entertainment.

The details of this latest census

Statistics Mauritius explains that the 2022 census was the 19th census of the Republic of Mauritius. The census was conducted in two phases, while the housing census was conducted between April 30 and June 20, 2022, under the Statistics Act.

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