What activities to spend the day with your family in Mauritius?

Living in Mauritius as a family is a unique experience. With its atmosphere, its gentle way of life, the time that passes differently, but also its activities often related to nature, this country is the ideal destination for those who want to put their bags permanently to enjoy life differently, with their children. Here are our tips for adventurous weekends, vacations and public vacations!

The Vanilla Nature Park

The Vanille Nature Park, formerly known as the Vanille Crocodile Park, was established in 1985. Its name pays homage to the old vineyard cultivated in the valley where the 5 hectare reserve is located. Mauritian hospitality, nature conservation and animal welfare are emphasized in this magical setting, where guides are provided to offer an unforgettable tour of the reserve.

Casela Nature Park

Casela is one of the most popular amusement parks and attractions in Mauritius. On the program, a plethora of activities for individuals, families and businesses. Divided into 5 zones, Thrill Mountain, Predator Kingdom, African Safari, Pangia Birds and Rides and World of Events, each with its own unique feature, the park covers over 350 hectares.

Odysseo – Oceanarium

The first public oceanarium of Mauritius is a place of learning. In this sense, it houses 45 habitats of different configurations, with a total of 2000 m3 of water (1500 in the main aquarium). Young visitors can get to know 200 marine species from the Indian Ocean.

Gros Cailloux Leisure Park

Spread over some 1,000 acres and located in Petite Rivière, the Gros Cailloux estate is divided into 5 zones, respectively dedicated to agriculture, fruits and vegetables, nursery, maintenance & landscaping, and recreation.

Splash N Fun Leisure Park

The Splash and Fun Leisure Park is a unique water park, spread over 12 hectares of land on the east coast of Mauritius, near the public beach of Belle Mare. The program includes Water Attractions, Land Attractions, Swimming Pools and Waterfalls and a food court.

Curious Corner of Chamarel

Located in front of the Terres de Sept Couleurs, the Curious Corner in Chamarel is the first interactive illusion and art gallery in Mauritius. It’s the perfect time to do some funny and offbeat optical experiments, to be photographed, of course.

Domaine Bel Ombre

Nestled in the spectacular and historic 2,500 hectare Domaine de Bel Ombre, the Bel Ombre Nature Reserve is a must-see in Mauritius. Spend the day in the heart of a picturesque 1,300-hectare nature reserve, surrounded by breathtaking biodiversity, offering visitors of all ages and backgrounds a multitude of land-based adventures and thrills. Enjoy exclusive picnics, quad and buggy rides, hikes through 1,300 acres of lush nature, breathtaking views, awe-inspiring waterfalls and unspoiled natural beauty.

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