Real estate in Mauritius: the north, the center, the east or the west?

With so much beauty in every corner of the island, it can be difficult to choose the ideal region to buy a property in Mauritius. To guide you in your investment project, whether it is for residential or rental purposes, we have compiled for you the highlights of the North, South, East and West of Mauritius.

Why buy a property in the north of Mauritius?

The North includes Grand Bay, the very chic Pointe aux Canonniers, Cap Malheureux, Calodyne, and Grand Gaule. The region is undoubtedly the most cosmopolitan and the most populated of Mauritius. Equipped with modern infrastructures, but always on a human scale, it shines by its constant dynamism.

Ideal for families and people looking for a day and night life always on the move, this part of the island has no shortage of shops, bars and restaurants. Not to mention its proximity to beaches and international schools (Greencoast International Secondary School, International Preparatory School (IPS), Lighthouse Primary & Secondary School, Northfields International School (NIS), Saint Exupéry International School Mauritius ‘SEIS’).

Why buy in the South of Mauritius?

Quieter and wilder, less populated, the South is close to shops and schools, but to a lesser degree than the North. Spectacular, this region has managed to preserve its identity, while hosting many high-end hotels, nestled in intimate and relaxing areas.

The real estate market is aimed at people looking for authenticity and not concerned about being close to many amenities or nightlife.

Why buy in the East of Mauritius?

This windy region of Mauritius, which includes Belle Mare, Post Lafayette and Roches Noires, exudes authenticity. Less modern than the North and West, it is appreciated for its quiet beaches, both during the week and on weekends.

The Eastern region is not known for its many shops or proximity to schools, so it is preferable for secondary residential or rental property investment.

Why buy in the West of Mauritius?

Two cities to remember to better guide your search for a property, Flic en Flac and Tamarin.

The first one is known for its very long beach, its proximity to Port Louis and its nightlife during school vacations and weekends. Outside of these two periods, the city is quiet and very pleasant to live in, even with children.

As for Tamarin, it is for lovers of water sports. Very popular with expatriates, the city is in full development, while retaining its wilderness omnipresent.

Special mention for the central plateau

This is where a lot of things happen! Shops, employment areas, leisure activities, etc. The cities of the central plateau, Moka, Beau Bassin-Rose Hill, Pailles, Ebène, Réduit, Quatre Bornes, Phoenix, Curepipe, to name a few, are close to each other. Also close to Port-Louis, the central plateau region is certainly less touristic, but particularly dynamic throughout the year!

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