Buying real estate: focus on the western region of Mauritius

With its particularly strategic position on the island, the western region is a nerve center if you wish to acquire a property. Here is how this part of Mauritius is the ideal place to buy a villa, an apartment or a studio and make a return of 5% or more per month!

The specificities of the west of Mauritius

Nature is king in the west of Mauritius, with landscapes and beaches suitable for outdoor and sea activities. Add these qualities to the surrounding authenticity, which modernity has not managed to remove despite its indisputable presence, and we get a region where it is good to invest in real estate, especially for tourists visiting the country.

It is also important to emphasize that the west is well located in relation to the central plateau, composed of the cities of Curepipe, Floréal, Bagatelle, Phoenix, but also in relation to Ebène, the business and technological center, as well as Port Louis, the capital (e.g., only 27 km between Tamarin and the city).

The most popular areas in the West

Between Tamarin and Flic en Flac, real estate opportunities are numerous. Here’s what to remember about each village:

Flic en Flac

The second seaside resort of Mauritius is lively, with its many bars, restaurants, discotheques and casino. Attention, despite this much more dynamic atmosphere, Flic en Flac is quiet during the week, allowing you to quietly enjoy the beaches and the many water activities available.


Located by the sea, Tamarin is a community open to all, couples, singles and families alike. Tamarin is far from the busy tourist scene that usually characterizes coastal towns, but it does not lack amenities such as stores, banks, pharmacies, supermarkets, a sports club with tennis courts, beach volleyball and a swimming pool. Finally, the village is close to the Paul et Virginie School, which belongs to the local network of French Program Establishments in Mauritius, as well as to Telfair International Primary School.

What are the advantages of a real estate investment in West Mauritius?

Still wild, as illustrated by the Black River Gorges National Park (6,574 hectares of forests in free access), the west of Mauritius was an area mainly inhabited by fishermen, nevertheless, over time, the region has developed, without losing its traditional soul and especially without sacrificing its surrounding nature. Today, coveted for its serene life, its extraordinary nature, its beaches and crystal clear waters, it is also close to schools and all the amenities needed in everyday life.

Between authenticity and modernity

The passing years are good for the western region of Mauritius and more importantly, developments are taking place in a responsible, sustainable and thoughtful manner! Indeed, there is no question of touching the environment of this area, so the Smart Cities have resolutely taken precedence over real estate projects that are only for profit.

Add to that the creation of colleges, universities, supermarkets, clinics, senior residences, parks and sports centers, like River land and Sparc: there is no need to travel all over the island, to waste time in traffic jams to live, educate, relax and work!

A unique educational hub in this region of the world

Another strong argument concerning the western region of Mauritius is that it is a unique educational hub in this area of the Indian Ocean! The group Médine has indeed installed Unicity. This modern campus, fully equipped with all commercial amenities, is home to a variety of internationally recognized, high-end institutions teaching law, architecture, communication, hospitality, engineering and computer science.

A family-oriented region

The western region is ideal for family living. Close to international schools (Paul and Virginia, Telfair, West Coast), it is home to nursery schools, crèches, and also leisure and sports clubs for children.

The sportsman’s paradise

The west coast is undoubtedly one of the most sporty regions of Mauritius. Between land and sea, she has chosen both by offering unforgettable walks in the forest, but also surfing, kitesurfing, diving, fishing and dolphin watching.

Golf too!

Mauritius is one of the most popular destinations for golfers from all over the world and the western region has many unique courses, some of which allow you to hit the little white ball while admiring the Morne lagoon!

This small area once inhabited by a few fishermen has succeeded in a very daring challenge: to modernize and develop without sacrificing everything on the altar of modernity. Between land and sea, with many amenities, the west of Mauritius is one of those destinations suitable for investment in real estate!

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