Comment choisir le bien immobilier qui vous correspond ?

How to choose the right property for you?

Given the dynamism of the Mauritian real estate market, it can be difficult to choose the house, the apartment, the villa to buy because it corresponds exactly to your desires, but also to your needs. In addition to the support of your real estate agent, here are a few tips to help you prepare!

What are your priorities?

One of the most important criteria in the search for the ideal home is its location. Indeed, what is the interest of finding, for example, a very beautiful house, if its environment leaves more than to be desired? (Risk of flooding several times a year, very distant amenities, lack of public transportation, etc.).

What’s more, by choosing a well-located home, its appreciation will increase over time, should you wish to resell it. Add to that, it will be easier to get to and from work or school, have good schools nearby, stores within walking or driving distance, etc.

Only visit properties that are worthwhile

Here you have to trust your real estate agent! By being very clear about your requirements, you will be able to refine together the list of properties to visit, without having to go through those that are absolutely not worth it. Ask around, look at the classified ads published by your real estate agency, etc. At Immo Square Ltd, each housing is described in a detailed way, whether it is for sale or even for rent.

Choose between existing or new real estate project

Do you want the charm of the old or the modern? Each option has its advantages, so it’s important to make the right choice for your comfort, your needs and your finances.

Criteria to consider when choosing between new and old :

  • Interview;
  • Renovation;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Plumbing condition;
  • The state of the electrical system;
  • The presence of an alarm system;
  • Cable connection (TV).

The importance of concessions

Realism must be part of the equation! Indeed, between dreaming of a home and reality, sometimes, some desires are difficult to achieve. For example, it will be difficult to find a very high-end property if your budget is limited. However, you can count on your real estate agent to help you find the right balance by finding a clean, well-located home that you can live in comfortably.

The essential criteria

In addition to the elements mentioned at the very beginning of this article, here are the additional criteria to take into consideration when visiting a property:

  • Repairs and replacements to be made, if any;
  • Window condition;
  • The type of air conditioning or ventilation system;
  • Plumbing condition;
  • The meteorological and geological history of the area (landslides, floods, etc.);
  • Water Quality;
  • Water supply (hours);
  • Electrical outages (frequency).

Your real estate agent is the perfect partner to find “the” home you need!

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